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Manoj Mistry ‿Over 2 million downloads of his lessons from teachers and schools from around the world. Nationally recognised by the Times Educational Supplement in 2013

11 Plus Practice Papers

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11+ Practice Papers – 11+ National Awards Teacher Unveils His Ultimate Resource To Conquer the 11+ Exam!

Use 11+ Practice Papers to see your child off to the grammar school of your choice when they are equipped with 11 Plus Practice Paper knowledge to gain entrance anywhere in your area. Call 11+ Practice Papers on: 07941 362792 for specialist 11+ exam advice so that your child can gain high marks. Read more About Us.
11+ Maths Exam Questions And Answers

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Let 11+ Practice Papers take the guesswork out of your 11 plus exam preparations for your child. Our ultimate 11+ maths PowerPoint has more than 400 worked solutions to a variety of real 11+ maths entrance exam questions, which have been tailor-made to best prepare your child for their 11+ exam. Provide your child with the tools not to just pass the 11+ exam but achieve high results. This resource is designed through years of research into past 11+ past papers. Have no regrets and beat the competition by getting a competitive advantage! Read our testimonials for purchases made in 2014. Feel confident in the knowledge that you have purchased a valuable product from 11+ practice papers. The resource is also great value for money at just £60, the equivalent of 2 hours tuition. So stop wasting money on books and countless hours of tuition and buy this ultimate 11+ maths PowerPoint now!

11 Plus Maths PowerPoint - Testimonials


The ultimate 11+ maths PowerPoint is truly unbelievable. It is hard to put into words just how much of a difference this resource made to my son’s learning and progress for his 11 plus maths exam. The teachers also noticed a difference in less than a month, so I had to share the secret. The teachers have recommended it to other parents wishing to get their child into grammar school! In fact I believe every child and parent should have a copy whether they are entering their child for an 11 plus exam or not. I wish I knew about this years ago for my other children! Sarah Parker, Halifax

The ultimate 11+ maths PowerPoint is absolutely priceless! I have purchased several 11 plus revision books and materials in shops and over the internet, but nothing comes close to matching the content, quality, detail and depth that this PowerPoint provides. If I could rewind the clock, this would be the sole resource I would purchase for 11 plus maths preparation. An absolute steal for £60! Colin Hunt, Manchester

The ultimate 11+ maths PowerPoint was a total life saver for myself and my daughter as we could not afford to hire a private tutor. Every one of the 400+ questions on the PowerPoint has detailed step by step solutions made easy to follow for non-mathematicians like myself. I set up a revision schedule with my daughter where we worked through a number of questions together every day. Not only did we enjoy the mutual learning journey, but my daughter attained one of the highest marks on the maths paper! Sarah Challinor, London
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Get your child ready for the 11+ exam with outstanding free maths lessons to download. We have the experience and knowledge behind us to develop powerful and engaging lessons.
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We have an exceptional group of 11+ super tutors who are trained masters of 11+ papers from around the UK. Our elite tutors will travel anywhere around the country to assist your child pass their grammar school entrance exam.
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Connect your child with a Russell Group university tutor online. They possess the academic knowledge, recent experience and skills set to know what it takes to succeed. Prices start from £15 per hour.
Contact 11+ practice papers in to help your child conquer their eleven plus exams in London, England, UK.

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