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11 Plus DIY Parental Advice – 11 plus grammar tests advice for parents to enable their children to pass their 11 plus entrance test

These are our five 11 plus DIY tips for parents:
1) Prepare your children well in advance for their exams. Do not ramp up the pressure and overload them with new learning of topics close to exam time. This can be very counter-productive since children can often lose confidence or become quickly disaffected with the whole grammar school entrance process. Stress levels are often high during this period and this will have a direct negative impact on your child’s performance. DO see the 11 plus exam as a challenge which is within your child’s capabilities.

2) It is natural to expect the best for your children but mentioning your aspirations to them and others can have a detrimental impact on your child. They will not want to let you down and the thought of ‘failing’ could crush them and manifest itself through embarrassment, shame, low self worth and anger. It is always better to reaffirm that whatever happens you will always be proud of them and support them all the way. DO Praise them for all the effort they’ve put in and the grit and determination they’ve shown.

3) Try not to share your guilt of not trying hard enough in exams and expect your child to be motivated by this. It is not their fault that things may have not worked out for yourself. Is passing the 11+ test about making you happy or is it about making your child happy? DO Whatever you can to reduce stress for you and your child. Treats are good.

4) Do not force your child into passing the 11+ exam if they are not at the required level after a lot of coaching. It is not worth pushing them over the edge or getting them to scrape through the exam as they may fail to keep pace once they are in grammar school. Research shows that these children can quickly sink to the bottom of the class and struggle to ever catch up. It can make them feel academically inferior and have a direct negative impact on their mindset and self worth. DO reassure them that it’s normal to be nervous. Positive nervous energy can focus the mind and result in a high state of alertness on the day.

5) The 11 plus exam is not the be all and end all. There are millions of children who have gone on to be academically successful by not attending grammar schools or by ‘failing’ the 11 plus entrance exams. Let your child blossom in their own way and at their own pace. Do not make them feel inferior and compare them to other children. DO buy your child a gift for taking the exam. It’s totally up to you if you want to buy another if they pass!
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