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  • 11+ Maths Master ‿Manoj Mistry

Manoj Mistry ‿Over 2 million downloads of his lessons from teachers and schools from around the world. Nationally recognised by the Times Educational Supplement in 2013

11 Plus Practice Papers

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11 plus maths and the 11 plus test master – Manoj Mistry

Take advantage of our 11 plus maths exam resource that really has an impact on your child’s 11 plus maths learning. Manoj Mistry is a nationally recognised figure in mathematics education and his resources are regular used by teachers and schools on a daily basis to help boost students’ results for 11 plus exams and GCSE maths exams. Contact Manoj for help on how you can help your child achieve the best results in their 11 plus maths test and GCSE maths exam.
11 Plus Exam and 11 Plus Test Master
11 Plus Maths Revision with a Reputation
Manoj offers unique and unparalleled revision resources for 11 plus maths and GCSE maths exams. He spends many months and years creating his own materials that deliver measurable results for your child.

Join the many students, teachers, and schools that regularly rely on his support in maths. Manoj’s materials have had more than 2 million downloads, which is proven testament to the quality, worth, and effectiveness of his work.

Give your child access to the excellent ultimate 11+ maths PowerPoint he has created to help conquer the 11+ maths test for schools across the UK . Everything Manoj creates is tailored to maximise the learning, progress and understanding of your child.
11 Plus DIY Parental Approach
Manoj is dedicated to supporting parents instil a growth mind-set in their children from an early age. This enables children to attain even higher levels of achievement. His flexible approach and extensive resources amalgamates a programme that perfectly fits your child’s needs. Manoj’s track record consistently proves that he delivers premium results. His outstanding work was nationally recognised by the Times Educational Supplement in 2013. Give your child the best and benefit from his 11 plus maths and GCSE maths resources.
Contact 11+ practice papers to help your child pass their 11 plus maths and 11 plus test in Essex, England.
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