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11 Plus Practice Papers

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Free 11 plus past papers to download - Free 11+ Practice Papers

Free eleven plus past papers are available for download. Please click on the respective links below to download free 11 plus past papers and get your child exposed to exam questions early to develop their breadth of knowledge and time management under test conditions. Becoming familiar with exam content and different styles of questioning will enable your child to be more versatile, better prepared and more confident going into their real exam.
DULWICH COLLEGE: http://www.dulwich.org.uk/college/admissions/specimen-papers

NOTTING HILL AND EALING: http://www.nhehs.gdst.net/pastpapers

CITY OF LONDON SCHOOL FOR GIRLS: http://www.clsg.org.uk/page/?pid=72

KENT COLLEGE: http://www.kent-college.co.uk/admissions/sample-exams-261

NORTHWOOD COLLEGE: http://www.northwoodcollege.co.uk/admissions/welcome-to-the-admissions-office/past-11-entrance-exam-papers

MAGDALEN COLLEGE: http://www.mcsoxford.org/resource.aspx?id=8376

MERCHANT TAYLOR’S: http://www.mtsn.org.uk/admissions/specimen-entrance-papers/

BANCROFT’S SCHOOL: http://www.bancrofts.info/index.php/entry-information/11

FRANCIS HOLLAND: http://www.fhs-nw1.org.uk/admissions/Admissions_procedures_11.php

EMANUEL: http://www.emanuel.org.uk/admissions/11-plus

ALLEYN’S: http://www.alleyns.org.uk/page.aspx?id=79

INDEPENDENT JUNCTION: http://www.independentjunction.co.uk/specimen/free-practice-papers.html

REIGATE: http://www.reigategrammar.org/entryat11plus

KINGSTON GRAMMAR: http://www.kgs.org.uk/11-plus

SEVEN OAKS: http://www.sevenoaksschool.org/y7downloads

CEM 11+ SAMPLES: http://www.durham11plus.co.uk/FamiliarisationQuestions.aspx

LONDON SCIENCE TUTORS: http://www.londonsciencetutors.com/common-entrance-past-papers/

KING EDWARDS BIRMINGHAM: http://www.kes.org.uk/11-sample-questions.html

BEXLEY: http://www.bexley.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=12318&p=0

COLFE’S: http://www.colfes.com/entranceexamination

ST GEORGE’S ASCOT: http://www.stgeorges-ascot.org.uk/admissions/entrance-examination/11-sample-papers/

KING’S CHESTER: http://www.kingschester.co.uk/ss-admissions

SOLIHULL: http://www.solsch.org.uk/page/?pid=160

CITY OF LONDON SCHOOL: http://www.clsb.org.uk/specimen-papers

Contact 11+ practice papers for free 11+ past papers in London and the rest of England, UK
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