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The Best Free Sites For 11 Plus Resources

Apr 04,2020

You may be familiar with 11 plus exams and what is required for admission into grammar schools. The exams are by no means easy to pass and are often compared to doing a GCSE Foundation exam paper. The results and data from the exams are used to admit the most academically able children in the district.

The majority of children who choose to sit the 11+ exam often require strong preparation with the use of an array of 11 plus resources, in order to fully equip them to pass the 11+ exam.

When parents begin to contemplate 11 plus preparation, they often search for free 11+ resources to assist their child in getting ready for the exam. With private schools becoming increasingly expensive and the competition for grammar schools getting hotter, parents try to do everything in their power to equip their children with the tools to succeed and give them a leg up in the real 11+ exam.

If you are already well prepared or you have just started your 11 plus preparation you will require the best free 11+ resources to give your child the best chance of success in the 11 plus exam. We strongly recommend accessing 11 plus tests online for more stronger and rigorous preparation.

Dependent on which area of the UK you reside, there will be variations in the format and style of 11 plus exams. The two main 11 plus examiners are CEM and GL Assessment. The CEM test has been developed by the University of Durham and is becoming increasingly popular amongst schools. This is due to its resilience to a so called ‘teaching to the test’ style of preparation. However, the GL Assessment test is more common and has been used in various iterations since 2007.

Whichever of the 11+ tests your child ends up doing, the common subjects that are covered are verbal and non-verbal reasoning, English, and some form of numerical testing/mathematics. To prepare for any of these tests, your child will need to heavily practice answering 11 plus exam papers and make best use of 11+ assessment tools to become accustomed to the exam.

The Best Free Sites For 11 Plus Resources

Do you want to get your child through the 11 plus? Are you looking for free 11 plus resources? From free 11-plus papers to revision guides and games, there’s a wealth of resources available both online and in shops. So, in no particular order, here are some of the best sites which offer both free and paid 11 plus materials.

If you're looking for free sites to get 11 plus information, you surely want to start here. 11practicepapers is a great site that contains free grammar school 11-plus audios, blogs, 1-2-1 chat and free sample 11+ online tests under timed conditions. Furthermore, they provide well explained answers to their online tests with outstanding parental feedback.

Additionally, they offer a free fluency maths resource with fully detailed answers to all problems when you sign up to their newsletter. Moreover, they have some excellent 11 plus resources in their online shop which can be purchased for a nominal fee.

  • 11plus.co.uk

11 plus is fun, flexible, and full of handy resources. They offer untimed practice questions with feedback and educational games to boost core skills. They also provide a vast range of past mock tests and other premium practice papers to print off or do online.

Their professional mock exam service is possibly their most sought-after offerings, which is provided under full exam conditions, with good quality papers. 11plus.co.uk is a useful resource that tries to offer extra when it comes to 11 plus preparation.

  • Elevenplusexams.co.uk

Eleven plus exams is a site that offers a wide range of practice papers and resources with a useful directory of 11 plus tutors. Alongside having free 11 plus resources, they help parents understand how the 11 plus process works. The website also offers parents access to an open discussion forum which caters for a broad range of questions about the 11 plus.

  • Rsleducational.co.uk/11pluslifeline

RSL Educational's materials are referred to as the gold standard for both independent and grammar school 11-plus preparation. However, 11 Plus Lifeline, which is RSL's core service, offers realistic, challenging practice papers in a wide range of styles. The website allows parents to download and print papers off at home.

Each of the questions is accompanied by an example answer and a detailed explanation of the critical techniques involved. This is to enable children to see how to improve their work and achieve better marks in their exam.

  • Learningtogether.co.uk

Learning together offers a nice selection of books that are comprehensive in subject focus. This makes them suitable for 11+ exam preparation. They also offer step by step guides that ensure children have a thorough understanding of topics before sitting the exam.

The site also provides an online offering in the form of multiple-choice quizzes, covering all the subjects that are examined in the 11 plus exam. After you have completed a test, you can go back through any incorrect answers and read the feedback given.

  • 11PlusHelp.co.uk

11 plus help is a useful site for 11 plus preparation. They provide decent practice to prepare your child for CEM, GL Assessment, CSSE or Independent School 11+ tests.

They also offer a wide range of online tests, including short and long formats, as well as timed assessments and online mock exams. Additionally, they offer downloadable revision resources and general 11 plus guidance.

  • 11plusforparents.co.uk

11 plus for parents is a lovely site for 11 plus resources and materials. This site contains practice worksheets and answers to all subjects that are examined in the 11 plus. Another offering of the site is practice papers designed as a learning aid (not just aimed at passing the 11+ test) which helps parents identify gaps in their child’s knowledge and understanding.

  • Bond11plus.co.uk

Bond, which is part of Oxford University Press, is one of the go-to companies for 11+ resources. You can sign up for free and get a variety of books and downloadable resources for the CEM and GL Assessment tests.

  • Parentsintouch.co.uk

Parents in touch offers a vast selection of 11 plus resources. Their site contains a considerable number of free papers, as well as reviews of 11+ books. It is a useful site for 11 plus maths worksheets, English resources and advice covering an extensive range of topics.

  • Thetutoress.com

The tutoress contains an extensive list of independent schools with past papers published online. There are also 11-plus papers to download which are pitched at an accessible level.

In Conclusion

You now have a selection of sites for free and paid 11 plus materials. We encourage you to take the time to visit them individually, as we are confident that they will have a positive impact on your child’s learning, progress and journey to 11 plus success.