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  • The 11+ Practice Papers online testing system is GREAT! I usually work away a lot during the week and cannot monitor the 11+ work my son does when at his grandparents. However, whenever my son sits an online test with 11+ Practice Papers I receive an instant e-mail on his performance. I can view a detailed and rigorous report based on his performance and see exactly what questions he got right and wrong as well as the full explanation and reasons. I also receive an e-mail of the comments he makes after the test as a way of communication with me while I am away. This empowers me with the feedback I need to pass on to his tutor well in advance of his weekend tuition session. HW, Huddersfield.
  • My daughter absolutely loves! I cannot believe how much this website has advanced her knowledge and learning for her 11+ exam. The online tests have helped my daughter develop resilience and the desire to attain a pass percentage. The website offers the option to download a certificate after every test, which my daughter proudly prints off and sticks on her bedroom wall! The tests are most definitely challenging, but the key is to learn from your mistakes and repeat them over and over to develop knowledge and speed. It reminds of when I used to play Pacman as child and I would keep trying and trying until I moved up the levels. I am just pleased that my daughter is learning at the same time! RA, Surrey
  • I have learnt so much about the 11+ exam through 11+ Practice Papers! They are so friendly and helpful and always have your child at the heart of everything. I have become familiar with the different boards, the styles of questions, how to best support my child etc. through their website and the free 1-2-1 chat. I am so thankful to them for their generosity. Moreover, their online tests are amazing! I used to hire a tutor to sit down and go through them with my daughter and then later that day i would get my daughter to sit them. The countdown timer is brilliant as we could not replicate the time pressure by doing paper versions. Furthermore, their detailed reports, averages and graphs are unreal and out of this world! I am sooooooo impressed! HP, London
  • 11+ Practice Papers is truly unbelievable. It is hard to put into words just how much of a difference it made to my son’s learning and progress for his 11+ exam. The teachers also noticed a difference within a month, so I had to share the secret. The website is so cost effective and educates us as parents on the whole 11+ process. The support is second to none. The teachers have recommended it to other parents wishing to get their child into grammar school! SP, Kent
  • 11+ Practice Papers is absolutely priceless! I have purchased several 11 plus revision books and materials in shops and over the internet, but nothing comes close to matching the content, quality and depth of questioning that 11+ practice papers offer. CH, Manchester
  • 11+ Practice Papers opened my eyes to the broad range of questions that may appear on 11+ papers that I was totally unaware of. I was of the belief that my son was ready for his exam. It was only when he started working through the tests did I realise the gaps in my son’s knowledge. Not only did this resource help my son through his 11+ exam, it also helped establish a firm foundation in maths which has enabled him to thrive in grammar school. JI, Essex
  • was just what we were looking for. Due to curriculum constraints, teachers were unable to offer 11+ support for my daughter and some of the other more able children in school. There was no programme of study put into place for any student that was attempting to obtain a place in grammar school. We did hire a tutor of our own, but it was clear that they were unfamiliar with the reasoning and problem solving style of questions. Without the help of, I think my daughter would have failed to cover the required content to get her into grammar school. AS, Birmingham

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