Everything You Need To Know About 11+ Practice Papers

Many of you will be familiar with what the 11 plus exam is all about if you are searching for 11+ Practice Papers. If you have decided that you want your child to attend a selective school in the United Kingdom, your child will have to an 11 plus exam. The 11 plus exam is used to select which students are admitted into the different grammar schools around the UK.

The 11 plus is taken by children in Year 6. They are usually around the ages of 10 and 11. It is a highly competitive exam, so immense preparation is required to have a competitive edge over others in the exam. During the course of preparing for the 11 plus exam, it is highly advisable to commence 11+ learning of topics and respective subjects as soon as possible. This is so that you can get the necessary learning and revision done at a steady pace rather than cramming too much in as little time as possible, as this is highly ineffective and can be detrimental to your child’s confidence, mental health and lead to burnout.

Preparation for the 11 plus exam requires thorough and detailed planning and focus. It is crucial to focus on the areas of development for your child and brush up on their strengths to get them ready for the 11 plus exam. 11+ practice papers are an essential part of the preparation for the 11 plus exam.

Completing 11+ practice papers have plenty of benefits for the children when it comes to getting prepared for the 11 plus exam. A child's preparation is never complete until they have tested their knowledge by attempting numerous 11 plus practice questions. 11+ practice papers will give students a feel of how the real exam is formatted, how the questions are asked, the time constraints and will make them familiar with the different types and challenge of questions asked.

Types Of 11+ Practice Papers

Most 11+ practice papers come in two formats. They are either downloadable, where you will have to print them out for your children to attempt or they come in booklet form. The final format comes in the form of online testing where the questions are attempted by students online.

The 11 plus exam has four core disciplines that may be examined. These disciplines are explained in greater detail below:

  • English Language

The English Language paper is an essential part of the 11 plus exam. The paper appears in different variances depending on the region the exam is being taken. This is why it is vital to study and use 11+ English practice papers that are unique to the region or the independent school where the exam is being taken.

The variants of the 11+ English practice papers are as follows

    • One variant of 11+ practice papers involves short writing tasks where students may be asked to write a diary entry, a news report, a letter, a script, a leaflet or a creative writing story. This variant of the 11+ practice paper will improve your child’s ability to write fluently and coherently whilst encouraging them to unleash their inner creativity.
    • Another variant of the 11+ practice paper for English will include a comprehension task. This comprehension task can be based on fictional or non-fictional text. They are mostly multiple-choice style questions. These practice papers will help students comprehend texts better and make them familiar with how comprehension questions are asked. Furthermore, they will help train children on how to best answer these type of comprehension questions in the real 11+ exam.
    • Most variants of the 11+ practice papers for English will include a set of multiple-choice grammar-related questions. This will aid students to better answer questions based on punctuation, part of speech and grammar. It will also help improve their vocabulary and verbal dexterity.

  • Mathematics 

The 11+ mathematics paper may come as a stand-alone paper or as a combined paper with English in the 11 plus exam. The mathematics papers usually cover the mathematical topics that are being taught in primary education, but often extend into the Key Stage 3 curriculum and Foundation G.C.S.E level. Therefore, they test how well-grounded children are in their understanding of mathematics and its application in unfamiliar contexts.

The 11+ practice papers for mathematics have questions that are centred around the various concepts of fluency, reasoning and problem solving in mathematics. These papers help students become familiar with the way mathematics questions are asked in the exam. It also helps identify strengths and areas of development for children over a vast array of mathematical topics that are covered in the 11 plus. This information is vital for both children and parents, as they can home in on areas that need further work and development. 

Repeated use of 11+ mathematics practice papers can aid with the learning and retention of core concepts in mathematics. These core concepts are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Additionally, 11+ practice papers in mathematics will indirectly train children to apply their knowledge under time pressure in the exam.

  • Verbal reasoning

The 11+ verbal reasoning paper is considered as one of the most important papers to train for in the 11 plus exam. This is because verbal reasoning is not covered in the primary curriculum. This paper is meant to examine the innate ability of students. To excel on a verbal reasoning paper, children require a good grasp of vocabulary and mathematical skills.

The 11 plus verbal reasoning paper is termed tutor-proof as it is used to identify naturally gifted students. It is believed that intelligence cannot be taught. However, verbal reasoning can be practiced. The more questions you solve, the more familiar you become with those types of questions and the faster you become at answering them. Therefore, those students who have heavily practiced them will do better.

The 11 plus verbal reasoning practice papers will help your child answer similar questions to the ones that they will face in the real 11+ exam. Therefore, attempting 11 plus verbal reasoning practice papers is vital if you want to improve the scores of child in the real exam. Moreover, they empower children with the confidence they require when encountering these questions that they are not used to solving in the exam hall. Choosing not to practice 11 plus verbal reasoning practice papers can be confidence shattering for children and this will have a detrimental impact on 11 plus preparation.

  • Non-verbal reasoning

The 11+ non-verbal reasoning paper is used to test the aptitude levels of students in the 11 plus exam. Similar to the verbal reasoning paper, prior knowledge is not required. The paper is used to identify gifted students who have the potential to recognise patterns and think logically in an efficient manner.

Students are generally not taught how to answer non-verbal reasoning questions in primary school as it is not part of the national curriculum. This is why the questions can first appear very strange. They can very often shatter the confidence of children who have not come across these questions before.

Therefore, students need to work on answering plenty of 11+ non-verbal reasoning papers to succeed in the 11+ exam. 11+non-verbal reasoning practice papers will teach and enable students to see patterns in a series of shapes and spaces. Moreover, using non-verbal reasoning practice papers will train children to become better at managing their time effectively when answering these types of problems as they can be very time consuming.

How To Use 11+ Practice Papers

Knowing how and when to use 11+ practice papers is very important when helping your child develop. 11+ practice papers are not advisable at the early stage of learning and preparation except in determining the strengths and areas for development for your child. It is best to use 11+ practice papers towards later stage of the preparation process. This will help children become familiar with test formats, styles and ways questions are structured and worded.

The use of 11+ practice papers are meant to help do the following:

  • Enhance speed

To be fully prepared for the 11 plus exams, children need to develop the speed and accuracy required to pass the 11+ exam. Most children do not possess the necessary speed to initially complete an exam. Furthermore, when they do try to speed up, their work ends up riddled with mistakes, which can lead to them missing out on a place.

Eleven plus practice papers should be used not only to help increase the speed of children but also help them improve their accuracy when answering questions at this newly acquired speed. Dividing an 11+ practice paper into sections of 8 minutes or taking 11+ online practice tests will force students to work at the required pace for the 11+ exam.

  • Improve stamina

In the 11 plus exam, students are required to do multiple papers with minimal breaks in between. This can lead to children underperforming as they do not have the stamina to undergo a series of questions in the short time allocated. Therefore, for a student to excel in the 11 plus exam, they must possess the stamina required to answer all questions in the exam in the short amount of time allotted. 

This is why it is a good idea to repeatedly use and re-use 11+ practice papers to help improve the stamina of your children. You could try to implement this by allowing your children to attempt multiple 11+ practice papers with little or no break in between. It will enable your child to understand what the exam day will be like and get them through the real 11 plus exam more smoothly.

  • Improvement measurement

At the earlier stage of preparation for the 11 plus exam, 11+ practice papers enables parents and tutors alike to identify the strengths and areas of development for their children. As you move through the year, 11+ practice papers are regularly used during the revision period to see how well a child can answer 11 plus exam questions and if they have made sufficient progress to be able to ‘pass’ the real 11+ exam. 

Over time the results of each of the 11+ practice papers attempted will serve as a key indicator and measurement on how well your child has improved. More importantly, it will serve as a determinant of knowing if your child is ready for the 11+ exam and if it is worth continuing the 11 plus journey with them.

  • Filling gap and revision

To be successful in the 11 plus examination, thorough and detailed preparation is critically important. However, preparing for the 11 plus exam is not complete without clear and targeted revision. It is important to heavily target those questions that children underperform in.

11+ practice papers are the best tool for this type of revision. It is only during answering eleven plus practice papers are the areas that need to be worked on revealed. Attempting practice papers and spending quality time identifying and addressing mistakes and then working on them will lead to drastic improvements. It is best practice to resit 11+ papers over and over again until your child attains top marks.

Who Are 11+ Practice Papers For?

The 11+ practice papers are necessary for children that have the intention of applying for a selective school place in the United Kingdom. Any child that wants to attend any grammar school in the United Kingdom will be required to take the 11 plus exam. Therefore, those children will need 11+ practice papers to aid them in preparation for the 11 plus examination.

Is It Compulsory For Your Child To Do 11+ Practice Papers?

No, attempting 11+ practice papers is not compulsory, especially if your child is not taking the 11 plus examination. Even if your child is preparing to take the 11 plus examination, it is still not compulsory for them to attempt 11+ practice papers.

However, it is highly advisable for any child that will be sitting the 11 plus exam to attempt 11+ practice papers. You will find practice papers to be of great benefit to your child when preparing them for the 11 plus exam as they will give your child that extra edge they require to get them over the line in the 11 plus examination.

Benefits Of 11+ Practice Papers (Offline And Online)

Allowing your child to attempt 11+ practice papers comes with several integral benefits such as:

  • Getting used to the format of the exam

Having your child attempt 11+ practice papers will enable them to become accustomed to the type and format of questions in the real 11 plus exam. The practice papers could be your child's first attempt at a formal style exam. Therefore, providing them with the opportunity to attempt plenty of practice papers will allow them to generate familiarity.

It can also lead to a boost in confidence for children when they are experiencing success on these papers. Moreover, 11+ practice papers can help calm the nerves of children when they enter the exam hall and begin to see similar questions they have already attempted in practice papers.

  • Time management

11+ practice papers will enable your child plan their time effectively. It will help them manage pressure and know exactly what they need to have done within a particular time frame. Answering challenging questions accurately in the little time allocated for the exam is a skill that takes constant practice.

Additionally, 11+ practice papers do not just improve how well students can manage time but also how accurately and efficiently they can answer 11+ questions. Moreover, 11+ practice papers will teach students which questions to target first and how to effectively pick up the most marks in the real 11 plus exam.

  • Learning from mistakes

Practising 11+ practice papers affords children the luxury of learning from their mistakes. Repeated practice of these papers will reveal their strengths and weaknesses. This will allow parents and children the opportunity to focus on the areas that need more attention and improvement.

Identifying and revisiting mistakes will train and empower children to make advances in their learning and progress and prevent them from repeating the same mistakes in the future. 11+ practice papers used regularly and purposefully will build students confidence to answer 11 plus exam questions correctly due lessons learnt from past experiences.

  • Confidence boosting

Through repeated practice of 11+ practice papers, children should eventually attain good results. This will be a massive confidence boost for them. 11+ practice can serve as a measure for how well a child has improved during the course of preparation for the 11 plus exam. When a child realises how well they have improved over time, it will provide them with the necessary confidence to enter into the 11+ exam hall and perform excellently on the day. 

  • Indication of current ability

Attempting 11+ practice papers serves as an excellent gauge of a child's current attainment. It also helps parents find out if their child is indeed ready and prepared for the 11 plus exam or if it is a venture that is not worth the stress of pursuing.

Benefits Of 11+ Practice Papers (Online Testing)

A variation of 11+ practice papers is 11+ online testing whereby students attempt eleven plus practice papers on the internet. It enables children to access numerous 11+ practice papers and give accurate and excellent performance indicators. Furthermore, 11+ online testing assures instant results and comparisons as well explanation of answers.

Online testing provides the following benefits:

  • Instant feedback

11+ online testing provides instant and detailed feedback unlike paper copies of 11+ practice papers, whereby your child has to wait for you to finish marking them before they can obtain feedback on the test. Furthermore, the feedback may take a few days, depending on your schedule.

The immediate nature of 11+ online feedback helps children and parents save time and make timely decisions on how to further continue with preparation for the 11 plus exam.

  • Accurate and fair evaluation

Eleven plus online tests are designed to evaluate the preparedness of children and they are excellent at assessing where a child is based on their performances on the different tests. Also, since the tests are marked automatically, it reduces the likelihood of errors during the evaluation process and offers a higher degree of accuracy. Additionally, since humans do not mark the test, it eradicates the elements of bias and partiality completely.

  • Zero paper

Since the eleven plus tests are being taken online, there is no need for a hard copy of the test to be kept or downloaded. Also, it removes the need to keep track of which 11+ practice papers you own and having to separate the ones they have attempted from the ones they are yet to attempt. The 11+ online tests affords you the privilege to simply logon to the site and begin to answer questions immediately. Furthermore, once you have written on paper copies it is very difficult to re-use the papers for repeated practice.

  • Value

During the course of preparation for the 11 plus examination, you may have purchased an array of resources to help get your child ready for the exam. Online testing, however, proves to have added value to the array of resources already available out there. It will serve as a critical tool to help children become prepared for the examination.

The 11+ online testing will help your children put their knowledge and question answering skills to the test.

  • Detailed explanations

Some 11+ online testing platforms provide detailed explanations of answers to every question. This means they do not only serve as a means to gauge your child's performance but also as means to learn and understand questions not correctly answered. 

When Should Your Child Start Working On 11+ Practice Papers?

The time at which children should start attempting 11+ practice papers is very important. Too early in the preparation can be demoralising as children will be trying to answer 11+ test questions that covers topics they are yet to learn. At the same time, if they start attempting the 11+ practice papers too late in the preparation, they may not have sufficient time to learn from their mistakes.

It is recommended that students should start attempting 11+ practice papers as soon as the revision part of the preparation has begun. This should be at least a few months before the 11 plus exam. Attempting 11+ practice papers gets children in the exam mindset.

How Many 11+ Practice Papers Should Your Child Complete?

The number of 11+ practice papers your child should attempt is entirely dependent on your child, the quality of the practice paper and the results obtained from each practice paper. With each 11+ practice paper attempted, you receive valuable feedback on your child's performance. This feedback is very useful; trying multiple 11+ practice papers can help you gauge the progress of your child. Plus, it can help identify what needs to be worked on.

It will allow for laser focus and target driven revision in the final run-up of the revision phase. With this being said, too many 11+ practice papers can be overkill and may lead your child to burnout. This could further lead to disenchantment with the whole eleven plus process. It is essential to strike a balance and know what your child can handle.  

The Best Sites For All Types Of 11+ Practice Papers

The importance of the 11+ practice papers cannot be overemphasised when it comes to the preparation for the 11 plus examination. To give your child the best chance in the examination, you will need the very best 11+ practice papers that are relevant to the exam your child will be sitting.

Do you want your child to excel in the 11 plus? Are you looking for the best 11+ practice papers out there? Bullet pointed below are a list of websites where you can get the very best 11+ practice papers from that will best prepare your child for their 11 plus examination.

We believe 11+ practice papers is the best site for online 11+ testing and practice papers. They provide an outstanding range of free and paid 11+ materials and papers for maths, English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Furthermore, their materials come with fully detailed explanations of answers which are perfect for students and parents alike to understand and learn from.

Attempting the broad range of comprehensive 11+ practice papers and materials this site offers will help your child go a long way in becoming prepared for the real 11 plus examination.

RSL Educational provides excellent 11+ practice papers in English Language and mathematics. They offer full solutions to their English comprehension, maths, creative writing and reasoning 11+ practice papers. Moreover, their 11+ practice papers are the latest and usually up to date with the most detailed solutions you can find anywhere.

Once you have been able to establish the tests that your child will be sitting in the 11 plus examination, you can go to Eleven Plus Exams to download free 11 plus practice papers and revision. Their English and verbal reasoning 11+ practice papers are made up of lists of words that commonly appear in the real 11 plus exam.

For convenience, their practice papers are arranged into the subject categories of English, Maths, Verbal, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Publishers. Many renowned publishers and tuition centres provide their database of practice papers to them for sale.

Manchester Grammar School, like several other schools, puts years of maths and English past papers on their website. All of their papers are progressive and challenging. Moreover, their papers except for written comprehension papers come with answers.

Their best 11+ practice paper is the English paper, which is constructed beautifully with a range of challenging multiple-choice questions. Manchester Grammar School papers are excellent when preparing for both independent and grammar schools.

Parents in touch offer a huge selection of free 11 plus practice papers. Some of their 11+ practice papers come with answers. Their site caters explicitly for parents in touch.

Their site organises 11+ practice papers according to discipline. Since 11+ practice tests vary from region to region, it is essential to check the format of the test your child will be sitting before downloading them.

11 plus guide offers a significant range of free downloadable 11+ practice papers without registration or adverts. Their practice papers are useful for grammar schools and independent schools 11 plus exams. Additionally, their 11+ practice papers cover all disciplines of the 11 plus exam.

This is also a good site to obtain 11+ practice papers. They offer a wide range of downloadable 11+ practice papers. All you need to do is register on their website for free and then download links which will become available to you. The download page is user-friendly and allows for 11+ practice papers to be filtered by categories. Each category can be sorted and aligned according to title, date, download, etc.

Bond 11 plus provides a respectable range of downloadable 11+ practice papers. You will have to register on their site for free to access them. Although their practice papers are designed for both independent and grammar schools, their practice papers are better suited for the grammar school version of 11 plus exams. Although their practice papers come with answers, some may lack detailed explanations.

This site is most useful for verbal and non-verbal practice papers. The site mainly focuses on grammar schools 11 plus exams.

One of the huge benefits of Bond is that they have an extensive database for 11+ practice papers. Therefore, your child will get the opportunity to practice sufficient questions. However, there are better alternatives for challenge questions elsewhere.

This site allows for their 11+ practice tests to be printed. They provide a range of practice papers and worksheets, most of which are free. Their practice papers include 11+ Practice Papers, Independent School and Common Entrance Sample Papers, and Key Stage 2 SATs Past Papers.

This site is a valuable source of 11+ multiple choice practice papers for grammar school entry.

The tutoress is a website that caters in the preparation for numerous independent schools 11+ exams. The site offers a wide range of English and maths practice papers for a long list of independent schools. Also, the practice papers provided by the tutoress are generally free and highly effective when preparing for an independent school 11 plus exam.

The Dulwich College website also contains a handful of their past 11+ questions that are challenging and progressive enough to help in preparation for the 11 plus exam. The 11+ practice papers offered by Dulwich College are free and come with detailed answers to questions.

Libra Education has a free 11+ download page that contains a range of useful resources in preparation for 11 plus exams for both independent and grammar schools. They also serve up a range of 11+ practice papers tailored for specific schools. Their 11+ practice papers offers an opportunity for children to attempt sample questions that match the subjects, format, style and layout of the school’s 11 plus exam.

The 11+ practice questions provided by Libra Education are written by highly qualified tutors and teachers in learning and education.

The Haberdashers' Boys School website offers challenging and interesting 11+ practice papers. The site offers free English and mathematics practice papers that are readily available. Despite offering excellent papers, you should only use their papers when you require excellent practice papers to work with and not when you require the answers to the questions too. This is because their 11+ practice papers do not come with answers.

Learning together offers a wide range of 11+ practice papers for all disciplines in the 11 plus exam. Their practice papers are available for download and are categorised into Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, CEM 11+, 11+ English, and 11+ Mathematics.

Their 11+ practice papers also come with answers to help evaluate the performances of students attempting them.

Eleven plus mock offers old 11+ practice papers from 2014 to 2015 for free. The rest of the papers can be purchased for a nominal fee. Their 11+ papers are made up of well-chosen comprehension passages and questions. Adding the answers to these questions would have made their 11+ practice papers more valuable.

Additionally, their 11+ maths practice papers cover a good range of mathematical topics at a sound intermediate level.

11 plusEhelp is another site that provides 11+ practice papers for CEM, GL Assessment, CSSE and Independent School tests. Their 11+ practice papers are downloadable. They offer unlimited access to 11 plus grammar school and independent school tests for a monthly fee.

Best Sites For 11+ Online Testing

Online testing is a version of 11+ practice papers whereby your child has the opportunity to complete 11+ questions online. The benefits of 11+ online testing have been stated earlier in this article. There is a broad range of websites that provides 11 plus online testing, be it free or paid.

The following are a list of websites that provide the best 11+ online tests and questions.

This is one of the forerunners when it comes to 11 plus online testing. They have developed progressive and well planned 11 plus online tests that are designed to avoid burning students out from practicing numerous 11 plus questions without any clear purpose or direction. Their 11+ online tests have evolved to meet the modern demands of the 11+ plus exam, homing in on reasoning and problem-solving style questions and not just the bread and butter stuff.

More importantly, their 11+ online tests are packed with questions that are derived from years of research into the different formats of the 11 plus exam. Their 11+ tests help deepen students understanding at a faster rate. Their tests are always realistic and they come with detailed solutions to questions and comprehensive automated reports and graphs for parents to monitor the progress of their children. The scores are also ranked on a ‘pass’, ‘borderline’ and ‘no place offered’ basis.

This site offered the first 11+ online service to students and parents in the United Kingdom in the Year 2010. They offer over 50,000 continuously updated questions with dynamic performance indicators. Additionally, with their online tests, students can take practice tests at home online and review their performance against peers both locally and internationally.

The site offers unlimited tests in a day that come with performance indicators. Their 11+ online tests also provide real-time results and comparisons. Additionally, their website does not tie you into a contract. You pay as you go and personal information is not stored. Their 11+ online tests aid with familiarity with the 11 plus exam and serves as motivational and confidence boosting tool.

You can register for free at 11plus.co.uk and obtain access to their 11+ online assessment tool. The registration gives you immediate access to the initial assessment test to assess your child’s current skills and attainment. You can practise 10 questions a day and the questions are shuffled each time.

The question shuffle provides 5000 untimed questions across all the 11 plus disciplines. Their site also offers the opportunity to print out questions from their online tests. These online tests encompass brain games that are used to boost a child’s core skills required for 11+ selective tests.

Their online tests also enable parents to track their child's eleven plus preparation and progress. They offer a detailed performance analysis, which includes a breakdown by topic. Parents can view their child's rank compared to other children taking the online test.

Ksol offers a version of the 11 plus online test called 11 plus 5-minute test. They believe it is important for a child to prepare for the 11 plus exam by answering questions within a strict time constraint. The 11 plus 5-minute test was designed to be able to measure children's ability in just 5 minutes.

The 11 plus 5-minute test is divided into two categories, which are the Year 4 test and the year 5 test. Once a child has completed a 11 plus 5-minute test, they will receive instant feedback. The feedback outlines the score and gives a detailed explanation for the questions that were answered incorrectly. Ksol also offers consultation after the test if you wish to discuss your child's result with them.

11PLusSwot has a dedicated 11+ Online Test Centre for all the disciplines relevant to the 11 plus exam for your chosen school or area. Their online tests can be used in the form of an assessment tool or as a mock exam. 11PLusSwot offers a free online test demo upon registration. The free demo is explicitly designed to match the type of questions used by grammar schools.

11PLusSwot online tests are automatically marked, charted and recorded to show your child's progress. They will also show your child's areas of development and strengths. Additionally, their 11+ online tests enable children to build their ability and confidence in lots of specific topic areas.

Bond offers both free and paid 11+ online questions for the different variants of the 11 plus exam. The Bond 11+ online test questions give you a taste of the various questions your child may encounter in the 11 plus exam. Bond also provides a separate 11+ online questions tool for each of the 11 plus disciplines to help improve children's ability to answer these questions in the real 11 plus exam.

The 11+ online questions can be attempted multiple times and the best and overall score for each test will be recorded. Once questions have been completed, you receive a bond tutor's feedback. This feedback will help children tackle tricky or difficult questions better.

Last of all you have education quizzes. This site provides online tests for various exams such as KS1, KS2, 11+, KS3 and so on. Their online tests cater for all 11 plus subjects with the addition of 11 plus timetables and 11 plus exam illustrations.

The online tests on this consist of past 11 plus questions written by over 3,000 teachers. The site is usually user friendly; that is, it is suitable for children ranging from the ages of 5 to 17. Each test score is recorded and progress is tracked as an incentive for students to improve. 

To Wrap It Up

11+ practice papers are essential and vital components in preparation for the 11 plus exam. The revision stage for the 11+ exam is just as, if not more, important as the learning stage. 11+ practice papers reveal what a child has learnt and what they are yet to learn. Furthermore, they can help identify key areas of development.

Therefore, in the bid for making sure your child passes the 11 plus exam, 11+ practice papers play a massive role in this process. You rarely hear of students who have passed the eleven plus exam without regular and repeated use of 11+ practice papers.

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